Our Vision

Accu-tec was established to operate as a transparent, and flexible extension of your company. We address each client’s unique needs, formulate custom solutions, and efficiently deliver high-volume, value-added services.

Our company vision and goals are clear:

  • To exceed our customers’ expectations with a diversity of superior packaging products and services, value beyond cost, exceptional quality, and fulfillment of our commitments.
  • To reward employees who have contributed to and achieve results that enhance customer satisfaction, improve cost effectiveness and strengthen profitability by returning to them a share of the company profitability, offering assistance in their personal and professional development and creating a clean, safe, organized work environment.
  • To associate with and build our vision around a team of people who have the values of honesty, integrity, excellence, enthusiasm, creativity, responsiveness, empathy and dedication.
  • To assist in the personal and professional growth or our employees by supporting continuous training and education.
  • To operate from a position of financial strength for the benefit and security of our customers, employees, and communities.


Richmond Facility
Buckner Facility