Our Story

Accu-tec was created to solve unique business production problems. Prior to establishing the company, Jeff Davis was on a sales call one day at an appliance manufacturer in Ohio. This client was in a bind because a supplier of wooden packaging frames (not related to Jeff’s services) was failing in multiple ways: quality, production and delivery. Even after research, the buyer could not find a replacement supplier that could provide these critical packaging frames.

Recognizing the need, Jeff took the initiative to ask for specifications for the frames and then set his sights on building a prototype. With a radial arm saw and a bundle of 2 x 4’s Jeff set out to build the test frames. After numerous attempts, he developed a stabler, lighter, higher quality product.

He called his client in Ohio to tell them the good news. After a series of evaluations and tests they accepted his offer and Jeff located a facility, equipment, and suppliers. He hired and trained management, a production team, and before too long Jeff was delivering over 3000 package frames a day to his customer. The problem was solved.

After 30 years, Accu-tec has grown to solve production challenges for numerous Fortune 100 Companies by leveraging its small business advantages to meet the needs of big business.

Early Accu-tec wooden frame
Die Cutting - 1990's
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